Soft Classic: Graceful Lady

Your position on the Yin/Yang scale is balanced with a Yin influence. Physically, you are basically symmetrical with slightly rounded edges (soft body type and features). Innately, you are controlled, elegant, and calm with an added refined touch of undertstated femininity and gracious sophistication. Always remember that you are a Classic first and foremost. Your Romantic undercurrent should be used in small doses to gracefully soften the overall effect of your appearance. It is an addition, not a substitution.

Your silhouette is smooth, draped, and flared, composed of softly flowing lines (clean, not clingy) that are very controlled and symmetrical. Soft edges and smoothly rounded shapes are most important, particularly in details (necklines, sleeves, etc). Accessories are also clean, controlled, and slightly feminine without being fussy or ornate. Jewellery shapes are kept in controlled clusters and circles. Handbags are softly tailored with rounded edges. Shoes are lightweight and elegant with a gracefully refined taper to both toe and heel. Fabrics are those of light to moderate weight that will drape softly and flow easily without being clingy. Finish should be slight matte or slight sheen, with a soft or plush surface (silks, cashmere, challis, crepe, suede, velvet, handkerchief linen, raw silk, shantung). Dresses should be graceful, flowing, and elegant. Flared shapes are best, and waist definition is essential (although it may be slightly dropped in more clingy fabrics).

A soft and smooth hairstyle, bluntly cut with slight feathering around the face, is perfect to complement your refined femininity. Moderate length is best, unless you are willing to spend extra time styling your hair, in which case slightly longer hair that is beautifully waved in smooth and symmetrical dips can be quite elegant. Your makeup will be the watercolour effect. Soft colour on the eyes, rosy cheeks, and slightly glossy lips are used to suggest your Romantic undercurrent in a subtle fashion.

We always like to see just a bit of the charmer, the enchantress, the alluring angel (visually expressed through the soft touches and rounded or flowing shapes), without upsetting the basic foundation of the traditional, the elegant, and the overlasting (which is visually expressed through your use of controlled lines and softly understated tailoring). Be careful not to go overboard with your Romantic touches. When you opt for the overtly glamourous, instead of refined sophistication you become a little gaudy. Too much jewellery, clingy dresses, overglitzy makeup, and too many curls look silly on you. Your underlying Classic approach is essential to maintaining that aura of genteel graciousness that is the core of your being.

When you express your soft symmetry and refined elegant you become a lady we will stive and toil in excess for, so much do we believe in you. One well-thought word of sincere approval from your elegant lips is music to our ears. It’s almost as though you remind us of a gentler age, where manners and form were considered gateways to achievement. When your gracious manners and refined form are clearly visible, we are uplifted to new plateaus of graceful living.

Prime Celebrity Example: Olivia De Havilland

– from ‘Metamorphosis’ by David Kibbe


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